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Many of us know that having plants in an office or place of business creates a more comfortable atmosphere as well as it being beneficial for one's health; so are our relaxing videos.

Studies have shown that having relaxing scenes and/or sounds playing in a stressful environment can have overall positive effects on an individual. For this reason we have created these videos that are specifically made for this type of environment(s).

You might already be familiar with health clinics having a fish tank in their waiting room. This is a good example of having a more relaxed environment. The difference between our videos and a fish tank is that ours is "mess free." You don't have to worry about maintaining it and it wont look neglected if forgotten.

We encourage you to try our relaxing videos and see the results for yourself.

Please call our office for wholesale orders. 1 888 881 7333 .

5 Ambient Collection
$14.99 Free U.S. Shipping
We have put together a relaxing collection that suites clinics and office settings to help create a relaxing atmosphere. Our ambient collection contains many relaxing scenes of glaciers, mountain streams, rainforests and meadows with natural audio of nature itself. It will create tranquility and peace of mind to any setting.

Our relaxing ambient videos capture the best of what today's TV's and PC's are capable of displaying. Our unique collection of relaxing videos will ease your soul into an ultimate relaxing experience.

Our relaxing set includes:
Whispers of Nature
Pacific Coastline Ambience
Scenic Wonders of Alaska
Relaxing Sights of Glaciers
Whispers of Winter

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