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Pacific Coastline Ambience
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Relaxing beach stroll... Filmed along the Pacific Northwest Coast, you can expect breathtaking scenes of the world's most beautiful beaches. Observe some of the most beautiful crashing wave scenes ever captured on footage.

You will witness rare and beautiful scenes far away off the foot paths and roads most others film from. Admire natural and breathtaking scenes few people ever witness. What you visually and mentally absorb is the world's most relaxing locations in its purest form.

Our relaxing ambient nature videos capture the best of what todays Hi definition televisions are capable of displaying. Our unique collection of Hi Definition filmed videos will ease your soul into an ultimate relaxing experience. The widescreen format along with pure 5.1 dolby digital sound will overwhelm you, and give you the sensation as if you were strolling along a beautiful Pacific Northwest Coastline.

Excellent for home or the office.

Terms and Conditions
DVD ships new. DVD Insert included, jewel case not included. Actual item shown below.
Video is produced in Widescreen format. Approximately two hours long.
Ships in one business day of payment received via USPS Priority Mail with confirmation.
Seller is sole copyright owner of this recordable media. All rights reserved.
Entire motion picture & artwork is © by Western Digital Productions.

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